The Purple Project for Democracy

Ah, Thanksgiving. That magical holiday to reunite with family. But let’s face it, it usually starts off with warm, cozy smells of holiday tradition in the kitchen, then turns into an ideological war room once friends and family take their seats. While the potatoes get cold, the temperature rises.

This year, let’s flip that script. Its your job to take over, lead the conversation.

Hijack the program from the hot heads in the room. Make the night not only meaningful, but a symbol of the end goal – to show the value of democracy by having a debate, not an argument. Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Check out the handy Thanksgivingtaking tool kit below for materials and ideas.

  2. Give everyone an equal voice.

  3. Make it fun, not war.

  4. Be a little subversive, in the name of freedom, but do try not to be a control freak. Keep the group on track, but let the conversation flow.

  5. Catch it on camera and share it @joinwethepurple or #wethepurple.

The Great Thanksgiving Conversation Kit

Democracy Charades

Get the whole family miming 18 democracy-themed phrases. And be sure to post the fails.” #wethepurple

Can of Democracy

Download our label, glue it on a can and pass it around.

Like a tribal “talking stick,” it empowers the holder to speak — with thanks for our freedoms and/or thoughts about our future.

Thanksgiving Table Topics

No conversation of Democracy will steer clear of topical debates. Having facts in front of you to explain your position, or learn something from the other side, requires a trusted source.

Our friends at USA Facts have put together a mobile friendly resource where you can get government-supplied data, presented for discussion, with no introduction of bias. While both sides insist they are right, this may serve to keep the flames low and the learning bright.

Purple Recipes

Delicious! Also, purple. Get the conversation started with what you set on the table at Grandma, Grandpa or Grandx’s house!

Dress Grandpa in Purple

Some of the adults a little stubborn? Get them to dress in purple! Heh heh. Now there’s a memento you can share with the world. When you do that, add #wethepurple to get Grandpa trending.

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